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Big Plans for Founders' Day

 Probably the main celebration for the 2017 Bicentennial will be Founders ' Day, planned for Saturday, July 22nd.   This will be in the Park (Town Square) and will most likely spill over into the surrounding area.  The Historical Society will have a booth in the Park and the Museum and Barn will be open.   In fact, the day will be the official "re-opening" of the Museum.  The Museum has not been closed, but so much is being cleaned out and rearranged that it seems a good idea to have a special day to celebrate the new look!

We are hoping for a good crowd....not only at our booth in the Park but also at the Museum and Barn.   We might even have Locust Grove tours!

It is probably apparent that this is leading up to a plea for volunteers.   If you can spare some time on July 22nd, we would love to have your help  -  just leave a message for Jon Howard at the Museum  (330-487-5565).   Any amount of time will be appreciated, and we thank you in advance!


Look for a Twinsburg Historical Society table at this year's "FamilyLand" at the Library. Planned for Sunday, May 21, and sponsored by the Foundation of the Twinsburg Public Library, the event is in it's third year and will last from 11:00AM to 3:00PM. The Historical Society table, among other things, will offer children a chance to name our "twins". These dolls currently reside in our newly created doll showcase and need names. Bring your children and grandchildren to FamilyLand and let them use their imaginations....and possibly win a prize. Whoever comes up with the names chosen will be give a gift card to Dairy Queen.

  Bicentennial book

A waitlist has been established for residents or nonresidents who would like an extra copy of the Bicentennial book. Being on the waitlist does not guarantee you a book, it simply holds your spot. On August 1st, the books leftover from the voucher program will be counted and people on the list will be contacted.  The extra books can be purchased for $15.

 The waitlist can be accessed online through the following link, The Library will be adding the link to the website as well. If you have trouble online, call the Community Center to sign up (330-963-8722)


All programs are hosted at the Museum unless noted otherwise.
Watch for additional programs to be added as they become available.