Calendar of Events

Upcoming Events:

Double Open Houses!

Both the Museum and the Riley House will be open on the last Sundays in March and April....March 26 and April 30. Hours are 2:00-5:00.... Come and see what's new!

Ohio’s under water historic resources

Wednesday March 15 we will have a special program all about Ohio’s under water historic resources. Speaker Christopher Kraska, is the current chair of MAST, the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team. This  is a nonprofit avocational group dedicated to the documentation of Ohio's underwater historic resources.If you want to know more about shipwrecks and the exciting world under the sea, this is your opportunity to talk to someone with first hand experience. Kraska, who has participated in books and documentaries on the subject, will have slides to show and stories to tell. He has first hand experience diving and exploring these old wrecks. Bring all of your friends. The presentation starts at 7:00.

Bicentennial book

A waitlist has been established for residents or nonresidents who would like an extra copy of the Bicentennial book. Being on the waitlist does not guarantee you a book, it simply holds your spot. On August 1st, the books leftover from the voucher program will be counted and people on the list will be contacted.  The extra books can be purchased for $15.

 The waitlist can be accessed online through the following link, The Library will be adding the link to the website as well. If you have trouble online, call the Community Center to sign up (330-963-8722). 


All programs are hosted at the Museum unless noted otherwise.
Watch for additional programs to be added as they become available.