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THS Open House

Event Start Date:June 30, 2024Event End Date:June 20, 2024Event Venue:Museum & Riley HouseMonthly Twinsburg Historical Society Open House Sunday, June 30, 2024 From: 2PM-5PM Museum and Riley House open this month. Kids Games this month!! Stop by and have some fun!!

Garden Club Plant Sale

Event Start Date:May 11, 2024Event End Date:May 11, 2024Event Venue:Freeman Barn

Freeman Barn Cleaning

Event Start Date:April 29, 2024Event End Date:April 29, 2024Event Venue:Freeman Barn

Riley House Cleaning

Event Start Date:June 19, 2024Event End Date:June 19, 2024Event Venue:Riley House

2024 Olde Thyme Fayre II

Event Start Date:September 8, 2024Event End Date:September 8, 2024Event Venue:Museum & Freeman BarnOlde Thyme Fayre Day 2