This is the new granite stone which replaced the worn limestone table that originally was placed on the grave of the twins. The new stone is permanent and contains the exact wording of the original stone which was gradually wearing away. The original stone is in the barn at the Historical Society and can be seen there. The new stone was put in place to preserve permanently the information contained on the stone. The twins are buried in one grave one above the other.

This large rock contains a plaque listing Twinsburg Veterans serving in World War I. It was cleaned and coated in 2000 to preserve and protect the surface.

This marker is on the Northwest side of the park across Church St. in the little garden on the side of the Bissell Building parking lot.

On the South side of the park is a monument dedicated to the Wilcox Twins and explaining their part in our local history. This was dedicated in 1976

This monument was dedicated to the brave men from Twinsburg who served in the Civil War and those who gave their lives in this war. The monument was dedicated July 4, 1867. The names were fast disappearing on the monument due to wear from weather and time. The names have been re-cut in granite and added to the existing monument for a more permanent record of those who served.

The vault at Locust Grove was built and used to store bodies until weather would permit them to be buried if the ground was frozen and could not be hand dug. The vault was used as a temporary holding area until thawing occurred. The vault was in use from 1865. It remained on its original site until 1998 when it was moved to accommodate construction of nearby commercial buildings. It was moved in one piece so as not to disturb the original structure. It is the only vault in Ohio with the recognition of a Historical Marker.