Upcoming Events

**Upcoming Events for 2023 (Updated: 12/8/2022)

1/4/2023Trustee Meeting7:00PMFirst Congregational
1/18/2023Special Program7:00PMMuseumHistory of Geauga Lake
1/29/2023Open House2-5:00PMMuseumOpen House
Valentine Craft making
2/1/2023Trustee Meeting7:00PMFirst Congregational
2/25/2023Special Program2:00PMFirst Congregational ChurchBlack History Month “Unity” Celebration
2/26/2023Open House2-5:00PMMuseumOpen House
3/1/2023Trustee Meeting7:00PMFirst Congregational
4/5/2023Trustee Meeting7:00PMMuseumMeeting
4/15/2023Annual Meeting5:00PMFirst Congregational Church Twinsburg Annual Meeting, Potluck and Program
4/30/2023Open House2-5PMMuseumOpen House
“Tech Sunday”
5/3/2023Trustee Meeting7:00PMMuseumMeeting
5/28/2023Open House2-5PMMuseumOpen House
6/7/2023Trustee Meeting7:00PMMuseumMeeting
6/25/2023Open House2-5PMMuseumOpen House
7/5/2023Trustee Meeting7:00PMMuseumMeeting
7/30/2023Open House2-5PMMuseumOpen House
8/2/2023Trustee Meeting7:00PMMuseumMeeting
8/4/2023Special Open House12-4PMMuseumSpecial Twins Days Open House
8/27/2023Open House2-5PMMuseumOpen House
9/6/2023Trustee Meeting7:00PMMuseumMeeting
9/9/2023Olde Thyme Fayre10AM-5PMMuseum and Freeman BarnOlde Thyme Fayre
9/10/2023Olde Thyme Fayre12PM-5pmMuseum and Freeman BarnOlde Thyme Fayre
9/24/2023Open House2-5PMMuseumOpen House
10/4/2023Trustee Meeting7:00PMMuseumMeeting
TBDSpecial ProgramTales of Locust Grove
TBDSpecial ProgramTales of Locust Grove
TBDSpecial ProgramHalloween Story Telling in the Barn
10/29/2023Open House2-5PMMuseumOpen House
11/1/2023Trustee Meeting7:00PMMuseumMeeting
11/19/2023Open House2-5PMMuseumOpen House
Special Program on the Edmund Fitzgerald by Mike Zronek (Program starts at 3PM)
12/6/2023Christmas Party at the Museum7-9PMMuseumChristmas Party the Museum. All are welcome. Bring a snack to share.

Please check back for updates to this schedule. Some event are still in the planning stages and will be finalized in the next couple months.

If you have any suggestions or questions about our programs/events, please email our program coordinator at: Email

**Any and all of the above events are subject to cancellation due to COVID. We would rather plan now for a years worth of events than to have to scramble at the last minute to get them up and running. Please check back to see the status of each event closer to the event date.

These 2 programs were just finalized after the February Newsletter went out.

We are welcoming retired Aurora teacher and association executive Bill Lavezzi on Wednesday, March 22 at 7:00 at the Museum. Bill will talk about how organizations help maintain democracy and promote strong communities. In keeping with National Women’s week, he will give an overview of the League of Women Voters. He will review the important role that organizations have historically played in American civil life, using examples from his own community.

Another special edition of the Writer’s Series will feature native Twinsburg writer Frank Latimore. He will join folks at the Riley House after his book signing at the library on Saturday, March 25 from 5:00 to 6:30.  All are welcome and he will have copies of his books for purchase.