Trustee Meetings

Trustees meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month.   They begin at 7:00 PM and are open to all members.

Open House

Open Houses are held the last Sunday of the month, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. There is no admission charge.  Programs and events are scheduled throughout the year. Please check the Calendar page for updates to the open house schedule. Some Open houses are held at the Riley House on Liberty Rd. Please check the Calendar or the Newsletter for those dates.

Twinsburg Historical Society in the News

Revisiting the forgotten: How Twinsburg Hts. finally received running water, indoor plumbing in the 1970s

2022 Tales of Locust Grove Wrap-Up

Congratulations to Marti, her helpers, and the cast on another great Tales of Locust Grove!   And many thanks to the weather gods.
The numbers:
107 people
8 passes used
$427 Ticket sales
$  86  Donations  ($34 Museum/$52 Barn)
$ 10 Barn Sales (shirts and Green Books)
105 people
12 passes used
$348 Ticket sales (many more children than on Friday)
$146 Donations ($20 Museum/$126 Barn)
$ 52 Barn Sales (shirts and Green Books)
212 people
20 passes
$775 tickets
$232 donations
$ 62 barn sales
$150.00  Family Perpetual Membership
$1159  Total
 Minus $60 (Expenses)
Net $1159     ($715 for cemetery upkeep; $444 to us.)


Black History Month Celebration

First Congregational Church Celebrates 200 Years


Twinsburg’s Moses Roach home now a national landmark

Cistern dating to 1890s found hidden under Twinsburg front porch


Updates on Twinsburg Olde Thyme Fayre and Scavenger Hunt from the Columbus Dispatch

Come to Twinsburg Historical Society’s Scavenger Hunt at the Olde Thyme Fayre Sept. 12 and 13


Steady progress made in Moses Roach House with installation of ramp

Roach House Rehab well ahead of schedule

Roach House Fund Raiser

Barn Sale Fund Raiser

Twinsburg Historical Society & Library Team up to Digitize the past

Twinsburg Fire Department Celebrates 100yr Anniversary

Moses Roach House Fundraiser Kicks Off

Twinsburg Historical Society partners with Kent State University

Roach House Transfered to Historical Society

Mysteries of the Lake Serpent February 20th Program

Twinsburg Historical Society sees support for repairs to the Chamber (Roach) House

Olde Thyme Fayre bringing a good time to Twinsburg


Ownership of the Chamber House

Veterans Day Preparations in partnership with the

2018 Olde Thyme Fayre Cable 9 Video (08:15)

Memories Abound as Old School Memorabilia is unveiled

Old School Gala Event Cable 9 Video (6:00)

Counting Rings on an Old Tree               Cable 9 Video  (10:11)

Twinsburg Historical Society gets several Old School items

Twinsburg Old School Bell used in Memorial Walkout

Upcoming Activities

David Alling Visit and Donates


History buff making sure Locust Grove graves are recognized for years to come

Twinsburg’s time capsule looks to next 40 years

Finding new memories, celebrating old during Founder’s Day

Digging up the past

200 years: What a time to be in Twinsburg