Q: When is the Museum Open?
A:  The Museum is open the last Sunday of every month from 2:00PM – 5:00PM
for Open House.

Q: Can I schedule a private tour of the Museum?
A: Yes. Just contact the Museum at (330) 487-5565.
      Leave a message with the date and time you would like the tour and
      some one will get back to you within a couple days.

Q: Does the Historical Society have any Souvenirs that I could purchase?
A: Yes. They are available at every Open House and event that we have.
     You can purchase limited items online,  this will expand over time.
    Go to the “About” page and select “Merchandise”.

Q: Are there programs at every Open House?
A: No. We try to get as many programs as possible.
     Some we can coordinate with an Open House and  some are not.
     Please check our Calendar Page for the current schedule of Events.
     Please check the calendar regularly for changes events or added events.

Q: How can I donate items to the museum?  
A: We would love to have your items donated to the Museum.
But, they need to have pertinent history to Twinsburg.
Click here to download the form.

      Fill it out and attach it to your item. One form per item.

     Call the museum and set up a time to drop it off.