Historic Buildings

Twinsburg Institute 8996 Darrow Rd. Original Twinsburg Institute building, a two-story building used by Rev. Samuel Bissell for his school. Constructed in 1863, mostly with his own hands and help of friends, Rev. Bissell completed this building. When no longer used as a school, it was deeded to the Twinsburg Grange in 1917 and to the Twinsburg Historical Society in 1965. No time is recorded when the upper floor was removed and roof lowered to make this a one story building.

First Congregational Church 9050 Church Street Erected in 1847; congregation first established in 1822. Church was built at a cost of $3,300. This cost was covered by selling pews. The church is the first building in Twinsburg to be listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings

Ethan Alling House First residence in Millsville in 1817. Ethan Alling came here to claim land his father purchased from the Connecticut Land Company and clear it for use by his family. The first house was located on Ravenna Road near the intersection of Old Mill Road and Ravenna Road. A barn currently stands near the location of the first house.

George Griswold Dodge House 2485 Old Mill Road Built in 1848 – This house known as the George Griswold Dodge house was originally located on Highland Road, it was moved in the 1960’s to its current location

Julius Lane House 10182 Darroe Rd. Built prior to 1828 owned by Julius Lane, brother of Luman Lane. Last farm in Twinsburg. Last Property owner Jerry & Esther Corbett. (House now gone.)

Elisha Lewis Parks House 10419 Ravenna Rd. This home was built by Elisha Lewis Parks in 1834. This farm has several owners and is currently the rectory for SS Cosmas and Damian Church.

Freeman Barn

North St. District School 9842 Darrow Rd. Built as North St. District School, one of 8 district schools in use in Twinsburg after 1853. Original deed called it “Uncle John’s Schoolhouse”.
Was torn down by the City of Twinsburg.

Riley House

Deacon Junia North 2592 E. Aurora Rd. Built prior to 1830, the earliest known owner was Deacon Junia North. Last owned by Ramon Bissell. (House now gone)

Philander Booth House 3100 E. Old Mill Rd. Built in 1826 by Philander Booth – was originally located at 9357 Ravenna Rd. Has ceiling medallion made by Mr. Booth who did the medallion on the ceiling of the Congregational Church. The current owner is Carol A. Bayus

Philo Post House 9550 Liberty Rd. Built in the 1850’s – originally home of the Philo Post. Currently the home of Doyle Stutzman.

Starkweather Tavern 11514 Ravenna Rd. Built in or about 1840 and operated as Starkweather Tavern. This house was a stagecoach stop between Cleveland and Akron.

Dr. R.B. Chamberlin 2633 Maple Drive Built by Ethan Alling in 1837. Former house of Dr. R. B. Chamberlin. Note the similarity in the design of this house and the first house.

Twinsburg Old School (Demolished by the City of Twinsburg)
Twinsburg Old School (Demolished by the City of Twinsburg)
The source of countless lessons learned and friendships forged, the old schoolhouse located just off the town square served the area’s children for nearly seventy-five years. Welcoming its first students in the fall of 1921, the two-story red brick schoolhouse was a replacement for the older, whitewashed building that once stood behind it. Games were won and lost, field trips were taken, and countless bells rang, signaling the end of one period and the beginning of another. For more than thirty years, the school served all grades from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Moses Roach House. The Moses Roach house, 9044 Church Street. Moses built the house at the age of 41 in 1873. Moses came to Twinsburg in 1836, at the age of 4 with his parents. Moses became a blacksmith and carpenter. His father James was on the building committee to construct a Civil War Monument on the Square. In 1933, his great granddaughter, Alma Roach won the National Spelling Bee.It is official!! The Moses Roach house has officially been named to The National Registry of Historic Buildings by The National Park Service. TIME TO CELEBRATE! Only three years in the making. So now the City and Historical Society, boasts three structures on the Registry. The Congregational Church, The Grange (where the Historical Society is now), and now, The Moses Roach House. Congratulations to all who worked on it, especially Andy Tomko, Laurie Sasala Facsina Kraska, Kent State University, and others.