Twinsburg Institute 8996 Darrow Rd. Original Twinsburg Institute building, a two-story building used by Rev. Samuel Bissell for his school. Constructed in 1863, mostly with his own hands and help of friends, Rev. Bissell completed this building. When no longer used as a school, it was deeded to the Twinsburg Grange in 1917 and to the Twinsburg Historical Society in 1965. No time is recorded when the upper floor was removed and roof lowered to make this a one story building.

These 2 programs were just finalized after the February Newsletter went out.

We are welcoming retired Aurora teacher and association executive Bill Lavezzi on Wednesday, March 22 at 7:00 at the Museum. Bill will talk about how organizations help maintain democracy and promote strong communities. In keeping with National Women’s week, he will give an overview of the League of Women Voters. He will review the important role that organizations have historically played in American civil life, using examples from his own community.

Another special edition of the Writer’s Series will feature native Twinsburg writer Frank Latimore. He will join folks at the Riley House after his book signing at the library on Saturday, March 25 from 5:00 to 6:30.  All are welcome and he will have copies of his books for purchase.