We are always looking for different ways to get our message out and inform our patrons of what is going on at the Twinsburg Historical Society.

We put out a monthly newsletter that is part of your membership. We have our Facebook page and website that you can see what is going on. Please frequent them and stay on top of what is happening and if there are any changes to any of our posted Events/Programs.

We are also in search of photographers. We need folks to capture our events, programs and Open Houses. We are in need of fresh pictures of our properties, the Barn, the museum, the Riley House and the Moses Roach House. We would like to freshen our Facebook banner and add pictures to our press releases. We would always give photo credit. Email your pictures to [email protected]. If you have any questions you can also call us at 330 487 5565 and leave a message.

Have Questions about our Publicity? EMAIL